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About Bario

The owners of the Bario hotel, Kurt Schoop and Clayton Lasten are local entrepreneurs on the island. Kurt Schoop has been working with the neighborhood of Ser'i Otrobanda for the past 10 years. Clayton, after living for 14 years in the Netherlands has returned to Curaçao, to work as a digital consultant. They found each other working together in a Co-Working space (Triangle, Co-World) and started a project called Kaya Kaya Street Party.
This street party is a blend of music, culture, art, and delicious food. In collaboration with their third business partner Raygen Zuiverloon, they strive to bring a new vibe to the city center of Curaçao. They’ve created a platform for the neighborhood of Ser’i Otrobanda and local artist to perform their craft. Bario Hotel lays at the heart of these developments.

The Kaya Kaya street party is held in the last week of August and December. So, if you come to Curacao during this time, don’t hesitate to stay with us. You will experience Curaçao in a whole new way!

Bario Hotel & Bar, Curaçao
Bario Hotel & Bar, Curaçao