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About Bario

Experience, Connect & Uplift, these three words are our mantra's at Bario. Our name, Bario means  Neighborhood. The reason is that we make the neighborhood a part of our hotel. As we are all visitors in their neighborhood, we encourage you to connect with them and experience the real Curaçao.

We uplift the neighborhood through various projects like Kaya Kaya Festival. And more than 50% of the employees are youngster from the neighborhood. We uplift them to be excellent service minded employees.

If you stay with us, you experience Curacao, its music, its food and dushi poeple. And, there are so many experiences to have in our Bario, in the city center, and the rest of curacao. Walk around the neighborhood, and experience the most Artistic area of Curaçao.

The owners of the Bario hotel, Kurt Schoop and Clayton Lasten are local entrepreneurs. Kurt has been working with the neighborhood of Ser'i Otrobanda for the past 10 years. Clayton, after living for 14 years in the Netherlands has returned to Curaçao. They found each other working together in a Co-Working space (Triangle, Co-World) and started a project called Kaya Kaya Festival(Follow the link), Bario Hotel and the adjacent foodmarket, Bario Urban Street Food. Everything they do is focused on uplifting the neighborhood of Ser'i Otrobanda and Curaçao in its whole.

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